This is my fingerstyle arrangement of Cee Lo Green's "Forget You". I know, there are no vocals... get used to it This is how I play guitar.

Let me know what you think. Constructive feedback on my technique or recording quality would be greatly appreciated!! If you like it, please subscribe to my channel or like the video! Thanks

c4c as well, so let me see what you guys are doing!

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great stuff Favorited dude. do you have tabs, or am i going to have to learn it by ear? im feeling lazy right now lmao.
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I don't have tabs, but I know there is an arrangement floating around on lickbyneck.com. It's not exactly the same as mine, but I did steal a little bit from that arrangement.

You can just start with playing C, D7, F, C. From there, it shouldn't be too hard to find the vocals. Thanks for the comment!
anytime man thanks for the chords that helps ^_^
Internet trolls are like sap in trees. sticky and annoying, but good on pancakes.
Nice one mate ;-)

Don't you just hate the douchebags who give it a thumbs down......

Keep up the good work !!!

This is pretty good. The only comment I could make is that for me there was a bit too much reverb, but that's me looking for the tiniest fault. Brilliant.
Brilliant cover for this track, Think it could definately benefit from a bit of bass guitar, that way you could still keep the great running rhythm that makes the song so catchy and still showcase your fingerstyle.
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This is fn great man, i love this type of playing. How long did it take you to arrange?

can you comment on my recording?


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Honestly, this is great. One of the best covers I've heard in a long time. Everything is awesome, from subtle nuances in the melody, to imitate the vocals, to the perfectly in-time slaps on the guitar strings, to the tone, and playing in general. Did you take any inspiration from Kelly Valleau's version, as he did a fingerstyle instrumental of the song? Its different enough to know it was your own arrangement, though.

The recording was great too, incredible natural reverb and clarity from the guitar, I wish my acoustic would sound that clear and clean.

You should be proud man, it takes a lot of skill to arrange, and even more to execute what you've written, so my hat is well and truly off to you. The way you played it doe

I try to look for at least one thing for people to improve on, but I honestly don't feel worthy. The only thing I could suggest, was that it was too short, because I wanted it to go on and on for hours.

If you wouldn't mind taking the time, I have plenty of acoustic covers in my profile (with vocals), the most recent of which being this one: