Hi, I'm new to the forums and to the electric guitar. I recently got myself some beginners gear: ESP LTD M-50 / VOX VT15 and started learning.

I stumbled upon an annoying problem while playing some songs: Satyricon - The Wolfpack and Samael - Crown In those songs I need to play strings together with the open low E string and the annoying problem is the low E string takes all of the sound and I barely hear the other strings which are very important as they lead the melody.

As a solution I try to put more emphasis on the higher strings but they still sound weak compared to the low E. Is there anything I can do to fix this? What is the problem? Maybe the dials on the amp or something I couldn't find the right settings. Can anyone help?

Could it be a problem with my gear?
Turn the bass down on your amp and turn the midrange up, turn the distortion down a bit, make sure you're using the bridge pickup and maybe look at lowering your pickup on the bass side.
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some amps are generally quite bass heavy anyway so that might be contributing aswell
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