I went and got my acoustic yesterday, and I couldn't be happier. I tried a ton of guitars and tried the whole spectrum. I even played a Martin which I didn't like (don't ask). I ended up with a nice entry level fender. I know that its not the best guitar in the world but it works for me. I got a Fender DG60. It feels great to my hands, does good on the sound. I mainly play metal (even on an acoustic) so the lower end sound helps a little. It handled all my tests in the store well (pentatonic scale, A Fine Day to Die, Solitude, and Uncreation). All of the songs were opening riffs that were acoustic or could be played easily on one. The tone is wonderful for me and works for what I'm trying to accomplish. I might also be pilfering my wife's Clapton books and learn a few songs out of there.

Also any help in my war against the evil sticker is appreciated.
I was wondering what that shape on your scratch plate was in the first picture and first thought it was some cool design :P

Boil the kettle and steam it off, try not to get steam on the actual wood of the guitar though.... then have a cup of tea after accomplishing the removal!

p.s. Happy New Acoustic Guitar Day I love those days....
Thanks, and yes those are all me. My wife and I got some tax money and some other stuff and went to guitar center and dropped 3k. Most of it was her. Cheaper guitars get a better "for me" tone, and I could have used this to get an 800 one, but I decided to get what I got, I liked it better.

Also thanks for the help in the war against the evil sticker. It was winning last night when I was trying to tune everything and remove it.
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Cool story bro.

Not to sound like your wife or anything, but clean your floor next time you want to post pictures on the internet.
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
Why its hers? Except the Mt Dew Can and the 40k stuff, its all her stuff from yesterday that she hasn't put away yet. We're working on setting up all our stands.

No offense is intended by this, it is all hers, and she is putting it away tonight, we were gone all day yesterday and got home and I've been cleaning all day after the pictures were posted.
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Congrats on the new acoustic! I have a couple of Fenders. The 6-string is a CD-100. I spent a lot of time sounding out several of each model to get *that* sound I guess the best thing, next to the playability and sound quality, is that I can flog it w/o worrying about losing value of a $1200 guitar
He did say "for him". Not everybody necessarily wants a conventionally beautiful sound. Case in point, I have a crappy First Act acoustic in my collection. The tone is dirty, muddy, and sounds like a shitty bar in the middle of nowhere where sanitation is not a concern. But for some songs, that's exactly what I want to hear.