Hi guys,

I have my 3rd or 4th show tonight with one of my new bands and I have a bit of a dilemma. I play mostly bass but am also playing lap steel on one song. I play them through two different amps obviously but need to use the same tuner pedal tonight for both of them. What do I do? Obviously I could buy another tuner pedal but that seems kind of excessive. I could get two a/b switches but once again that seems excessive. I could also just unplug my shit but that is so clunky, takes too much time and is not smooth so I really do not want to do that. I could just not use my tuner for one of them but they both are kinda sketchy and will randomly go out of tune. Any ideas?

Do you have any other pedals in your chain that have a 2nd (or stereo) input? you could pop the tuner at the end of your chain and plug the lap steel into the second input.

Alternatively, you could also just tune it up before you go on stage... do those things go out of tune easily?