Alright i currently have a kustom quad jr. half stack which i love, but im needing that heavier tone. but can it do it all like it says they can. can they really do all kinds of tones. im looking at the mesa dual rectifier. so Pro's and Con's
if I wanted a mesa for tone variety id look to a Mark V or maybe a road king...I had a mesa trem o verb a few years back and loved it for high gain riffage, but it seemed like I couldnt get it to crunch the way I wanted, either too much gain or not enough
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Its all preference. I think its all worth it. One can do cleans, crunch and metal. We all know what metal bands use them but foo fighters also get their tonez (at least some of them) from rectifiers.

Pro's - Tone.
Con's - Price.

'Nuff said.
me personally...there is no way in hell id run a recto thru a low end kustom cab....that heads low end would murder those speakers
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well if the cabs wattage is at least the wattage of the mesas, and the ohmage matches. If those are fine then why not.

Just noticed, wrong forum. Dont want to sound like a dick but this should be in GG&A.
In my humble opinion you get more than what you pay for with Mesas. Especially the Mark V...

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Just noticed, wrong forum. Dont want to sound like a dick but this should be in GG&A.

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even though Mesa is relatively expensive (especially here in europe) you easily get what you pay for

admittedly £3500 for a brand new Road King is a bit mental but it is simply incredible

if you have the cash for a Mesa i'd go for it, and yes it can run through your cabinet as long as you match the impedances correctly
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I would look at Soldano and Bogner first, but hell. If you have that kind of cash, go crazy. It's certainly not like yr getting a lemon.
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If you can afford a Dual Rectifier, you are definitely in range of a Mark V which is simply more versatile, but equally powerful as the Recto. I struggle to find a genre of music that the Mark V would have difficulty with.
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