Replicas is the best new wave album ever. I'm sure you all know this, but if you don't, NOW YOU DO!

"Are Friends Electric?"
"Praying to the Aliens"
"Me, I Disconnected From You"
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Cars was like the first song I ever loved as a kid that I remember, when I was like 6.
Aw shit yeah!

Best New Wave album ever? Definitely. One of THE best ALBUMS ever!

Tubeway Army and the early singles are fantastic but Replicas is an absolute masterpiece. Every song is so brilliant.

Gary Numan is a Thatcher loving prick and the music he's been coming out with lately is beyond awful, but damn, those two albums are amazing.
Listening to Tubeway Army made me cut my hair short and now my ex-girlfriend thinks I'm a robot. But I have a Tubeway Army record, so it's okay.

Thank you, Gary Numan.