Irish Eyes is really cool! I like the vibes from it. It has a Craig D'Andrea feel to it for me. Nice solid playing a beautiful composition. If I could have any recommendation it would be to have a slightly more recognizable melody but other than that it's fantastic.

Your title caught my eye though, because I play a similar style and rarely see others.
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Thanks I really appreciate the feedback.. Don't see how other guitar players don't buy into this style of playing... Its just amazing
Fellow Candyrat lover here!

"Irish Eyes":
Love the feel. Quite the bright tone you have there.
Really cool ideas. What tuning is this in? I like it.
Could be more tighter, but as it is now adds a more 'personal' feel to it.

"Inner Peace":
Certainly lives up to it's name.
Might just be me, but I hear an out of tune note in places during the first 40 seconds or so.
Interesting ideas yet again.

I hear a lot more slapping than the actual notes in this track, but from what I can hear, it sounds good, but could be varied a bit more to make it more interesting.

Really awesome rhythm going on.
Definitely the favorite out of the four tracks.

If you worked on these more and recorded final versions with good quality, i'd buy them.
Keep practicing these and make the songs more solid/tight. You've got some great ideas.

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I plan on sending it to Candyrat Records soon!
Any criticism/feedback would help me out a whole lot. :]
Thanks very much for giving me such detailed feedback!! I definitely gotta some proper recording equipment to record these properly.. Check ur link for feedback on yours