hey guys. so i just bought a new logitech webcam. hooked it up and everything and i strated to try and record like me playing guitar and singing with it. the only problem is tht the sound quality is crappy, so i was just wondering if anyone else had some experience with this and maybe some way to fix it. thanks
1.Unplug webcam
2.Stick webcam up your butt
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1. Remove webcam from butt.
2. Shine the webcam up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your candy-ass, jabroni.
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Did you really expect a webcam to have studio-quality sound?

OT: Get a microphone.
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Webcam mics (if there even is one) tend to suck

This is the actual answer. Although there are better sounding options if you spend a bit more. Nothing good for proper recording however.
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