Ok, so there are lots of threads about best martin, and best cheap martin. I don't want either.
I'm looking for a Martin thats around 400 - 1000 max. And there are endless ones.

If there are experienced Martin' users then please help.

First whats the difference between DCX1 and DX1?
Then theres the OM -1 and D - 1?
Please help!
You should check out the market for a used d35. I have played a lot of martins and i like their sound the best. But i'm fairly confident the only difference between dcx1 and dx1 is the cutaway. that's what the c stands for. they both have solid spruce tops and the same bracing (A frame x-bracing) and hpl back and sides. so if you're going to be rocking out some sweet acoustic solos you might want to opt for the cutaway for the extra access. But i personally think the full bodied ones have a better sound. To each his own though. every acoustic sounds different. so just find one that you like and feels good to play.
DCX1 has a cutaway, DX1 does not. OM is a smaller body, very balanced, projects well, more of a picker and light strummer. The D-1 is a dreadnought, larger body, deeper, a little more tonally biased to the lower spectrum, loud, and good for rhythm strumming. hope that helps.
I think the DCX1 has the cutaway. That's the one I have anyway. It's ehh. It stays in tune and plays great, but there are better guitars in that price range. I've also recorded an expensive concert-body Martin that sounded like crap. Acoustic guitars are weird man. Don't buy it because it says Martin. Go out and play them to see what sounds best to you.

Brand name means nothing, and usually just jacks up the price. I bought my Martin because it said Martin, and now I regret it. And the pickup on the DCX1 sounds like poop. Useful, but poopy.

Just play them and listen. You'll know.
I would say play before you buy. I tried a couple of Martins yesterday I didn't like them. Though I'm also used to a certain neck profile from playing electrics and am also ungodly picky. I sat and played guitars of all different prices for an hour before I found one I liked. It took forever. I might suggest using a standardized way to test them, but that is up to you.
Yeah, i understand what you mean in terms of playing them. I've already been searching for a wide and its taken me a long time to decide i love the tone of martins. But all these letters and numbers are very confusing, also all stores around me have a very limited supply of models.

Well The DCX1 is looking my favourite atm I will look at the used d35 idea though, thanks for your help.

Anyone know what the D-1 is made out of, one thing that does put me off some of them are the hpl back and sides, i'm not sure whether i just want some real wood aha..
the D, OM, or OOO stands for the size and shape of the guitar.

D is your box standard guitar shape which tends to produce a nice bassy tone compared to other shapes.

OM is a smaller bodied guitar that has less low end but a clearer top end. These guitars also have a 25.5" scale which is the standard for dreads too.

OOO has exactly the same size body as the OM but the scale of the OOO is usually only 24.75" long which makes the guitar sound a bit more mellow and smooth than an OM.

the numbers and/or the X in the model will indicate what the guitar is made from and what type of bracing it's going to have. 1 is a spruce top and sapele back and sides. 15 is sapele or mahogany top back and sides. 16 is genuine (Honduran) mahogany back and sides with a spruce top. X is made out of a horrible composite material and has a plywood neck. The 15, sounds dramatically different than the 1 and 16. The 1 and 16 models sound similar to each other. The X should be avoided.

The C stands for cutaway

Hope that helps
Not taking any online orders.
Thanks very helpful.
One more thing.
If C stands for Cutaway, how come there is 300 odd pounds difference in the prices of the DX-1 and the DCX-1? Surely having a cutaway body isn't the only change for that price?
Often times the cutaway guitars have electronics which the non cutaway might not have but typically these will be labeled CE and not just C.

For the X series guitars there is no good reason for the cutaway models to be more expensive. Their fake wood is flexible and easily bent into shape so that extra 300 is just another way martin rips people off with the X series guitars. I highly recommend you avoid X series guitars full stop.

On the wood guitars the C models are much harder to make because that tight bend for the cutaway can be tricky to do without breaking the wood. So on the wood guitars they cost 300 more because of the extra time it takes to bend the sides and because you have to pay for all the sides that get broken trying to get those bends.
Not taking any online orders.
Ahh yes that would make sence. Unfortunatly all guitar shops in a 30 mile radius only have X series, or the £2000 + models. Car trip it is.
If anyone is interested i just purchased my Martin om -15 Style V11.
The tone and balance is stunning! I played a variety of martins, 1,15,16 series all different shapes but i don't know whether this guitar was especially well made, or the set up was just right but its tone is beautiful. I actually ended up choosing it over a guitar twice plus more the cost of this one purely because it sounded great.
Thanks for all of your advise though was very helpful!
^the OM and OOO 15 martins are some of my favorite new production martins on the market. You made a good choice.
Not taking any online orders.
Yep, Martin really hit a homerun with the 15 series.
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Martin D-28
This is just the thread i need.

Have wanted a Martin for a while now and have started saving for what eventually will be a £1000 budget. Ideally looking for a folk sized instrument so have highlighted the OM1-GT as an early contender.

Looking for some advice from people who know more than i do about the Martin range. Is the OM1-GT my best option for a Folk sized martin in my price range?

Any opinions much appreciated.
you really should move this into your own thread to get more responses. hijacking a thread is bad form. but that being said, i'm pretty sure they stopped flogging people for it a few months ago..... i think.
i can't help much on your quest, i'm into the bigger girls ! grand auditoriums and grand symphony sized ladies ! i had a D15M for a while...hated it. sold it and ordered a taylor 324..should be in monday or tuesday. that's the only real experience i have with martins other than spending some time in shops with them but that doesn't count. i believe it takes a string change or 2 of time to decide whether or not you actually like the guitar.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)