I came across these Agile guitars on RondoMusic, and they have 8 string guitars, with EMG pickups, for around $600!!!

They look KILLER also, but I haven't heard much about Agile guitars.


Any thoughts? I could have $700 by early August, and these seem like sick axes
Well my friend, if you'd take a look at my sig...

But yeah, Agile is the best you can get value wise if you live in the US. If you order from outside America, you'll still pay about the same as you would for a similar quality instrument even with taxes and shipping factored in.

I'd get it.

Actually, get this one in particular, or God will hate you.
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I have an Interceptor pro 727, and it's fantastic. I've never felt a 7 that was so solid, and just felt right. I love everything about it, minus a few small things "wrong" with it. (Battery compartment door hinge is broken, there was previously a tremol-no installed but the guy lost the parts all except the claw, and a few dings and scratches.) No big deal, plus it's 18v modded.

Try to look around for one used, even. You could get a great deal. Even new, those guitars are great deals. I got my Interceptor for $300 bucks.
I just got my hands on an Agile 8 string a few days ago, pretty damn nice for what your paying. If I was asked whether or not to recommend it to a aspiring 8 string user, I would.
That's pretty cool. I usually can't stand guitars with extra strings, but that Oceanburst neck-through is calling to me.
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