Hey everyone,

I've been playing guitar for a while. I started out with a really cheap Squire electric guitar, then moved on to a Fender Electric-Acoustic and I've gotten quite good. However, I don't know much about buying guitars and amps really at all..

I realize that Matt uses dozens of guitars and has loads of effects (as well as custom guitars), so I know that getting it perfect would be hard, but I love the Muse's style of playing so I want something that will sound similar. Like I said, I don't really know much about buying guitars. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm willing to fork over a chunk of change for it.

Also my current amp is a Fender Frontman 25r, it's not amazing, so I was wondering if I should make an upgrade on my amp as well?

Any suggestions would help me a bunch! And sorry if I'm not being clear!
If I'm not mistaken, he uses a neck p90 a lot, with some hot bridge humbuck, not a Muse freak however.

If you're wondering between an amp or a guitar upgrade, the amp will make a far bigger difference in terms of sound, while the guitar will make a bigger difference in terms of playability, with that gear that is.

IIRC, Matt has a Marshall JCM2000 and a Diezel vh4, plus some other stuff, so depending on your budget, some Marshall or british voiced amp with a fuzz pedal could be great. I nailed his kind of sound the other day when I was playing with a russian big muff through a Vox AC30
Matt Bellamy uses a Zvex Fuzz Factory pedal. If you want his kind of sound then getting one of those would get you really close.

If you want a new guitar get something with humbuckers. I have no idea what to suggest though because I don't know what you like. Maybe an Epiphone or Ibanez. Have a browse and see what tickles your fancy.
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Practically all of Matt Bellamy's guiars have a Fuzz Factory built into them. If you ignore all of the extra stuff like his khaos Pads, sustainers and killswitches his custom Manson guitars aren't too far out of the ordinary.

In short, go buy a super-strat type guitar with single coils and a humbucker and then a Z.Vex Fuzz Factory unit.

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Some critical things to his sound:
- Hot, but clear pickups that usually have a single coil-esque sound when played with overdrive
- Digitech whammy (he uses it fairly often)
- British voiced amp
- Fuzz of some kind (he doesn't actually use the oscilating effect of the fuzz factory a whole lot, so it's not necessary to buy such an expensive fuzz)

Some not-so-critical things you may want to look at:
- Phase 90 (this + fuzz is how he got the plug in baby tone and he uses it in a fair number of songs such as stockholm syndrome)
- Delay
I think he uses Bare Knuckle pickups as well. And yes, he has a Fuzz Factory built into his guitars.
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he uses a Bare Knuckles Mississippi Queen in the neck (humbucker sized p90) and a Nailbomb in the bridge. He also uses 2 mississippi queens in some if his guitars.

Hope that helps.
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