i have recently put a Jackson RR 24 Rhoads MG on layaway at my local long & Mcquade.

Description from the jackson website:


Alder body, quartersawn maple neck-through-body, compound-radius ebony fingerboard, Red body bevel, matching logo, 24 jumbo frets, EMG® 81 pickup, Floyd Rose® FRT O200 tremolo, black hardware. Made in Japan.

it comes with the original Molded Hardshell case and the trem arm.

it will be $850, it is used.. but could easily be sold for brand new price with a cleaning.

did i make a good deal or should i get a different guitar?
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I'll take it you're talking about the St. John's Long & McQuade. From the trips I've taken to it whenever I've gone back, I'd say you could probably get something nicer there, not to say that isn't good or anything. I'd check Music City too if I were you.
That's a lot of money for a used guitar that is neither special or unique. There was an '80s custom shop Kelly on eBay with some wear recently that went for $1000.
its an expensive guitar, but i don't think its a poor deal as has been suggested.

it is a fairly expensive guitar new (price lists show $1700 US- americans, please keep in mind that Canada gets ripped off despite having a stronger dollar), and it sounds like its in good shape. even though you are probably paying a little over street value, I think its a good buy (I prefer used from a store anyday of the week)