So i have a Crate amp, with 2 10s in it. i got it with a short in it from my uncle a while back, it wasnt bad, just once and a while had to give a knob a push and it would work okay. so today i pulled it apart and found the short - cracked solder on the "insert" jack (not input). soldered all those up nicely, then went ahead and built up the solder a bit on the input jack as well so the solder wasnt convex but more toward the dome side.
put it all back together, and no more short! but now 2 things:

1. when i switch to my lead channel, theres a constant hum, even with no guitar plugged in.
if i touch the ground part of the patch cord it helps some but doesnt eliminate it. the rhythm channel has no hum.

2. when i flip the switch to turn the amp off, it pops pretty loud now.

probably didn't solder something in right.
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alright well i played some today plugged into it, and it definitely pops when turning off, pretty loud.
and the lead channel hums a lot, the rhythm doesnt, but also, i have an applause distortion pedal that when its on clear, it doesnt hum, but when i turn on distortion, it hums. so the amp suddenly just doesnt like distortion, no matter if its the amp doing it or the pedal... ideas?