Hey it just hit me that GuitarWorld no longer has a forum so I guess I'll be coming here for answers now!
I'm looking for a rather inexpensive electric guitar with a piezo pickup and a whammy bar of some sort. I understand Music Man has the John Petrucci line and most if not all are piezo equipped but they are rather expensive.
Anything would help!
some older ibanezs had them
all the model names that ended with x and the 1520gk
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Other MusicMan guitars have piezo as well, and you can find them cheaper than the JP. The Axis Super Sport is one, you can find them around $1000, maybe a bit more.

Also some of Parkers cheaper models (P44 or something like that) have piezo and they're not expensive.

EDIT: ^Yeah, them too, although piezo equipped Ibanez are pretty hard to find.