This is most likely going to be the intro for an industrial rock project me and some friends are doing. It was inspired by a creepy dream I had of a clown cutting off my toes and eating them and saying MMMM LITTLE PIGGIES! Yeah, some ****ed up shit.
Anywayy its definatly unfinished , Id just like to get some thoughts on how it sounds so far. And Ill put it up in GP5 but I cant promise it will actually sound good as I transfered it in GP6 andddddddddddddddd please if you can do NOT listen to it with midi, as it will sound like an abortion taking place. Thanks
Little Piggies.gpx
Little Piggies gp5.gp5
Heh I think the dream you had is the song Boogie Woogie Wu by Insane Clown Posse, who also have a song called Piggie Pie. I can't actually listen to the song yet but just thought I'd let you know, just in case. Nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and then going ****! It's already written.
Haha, Trust me I dont listen to that group, and its most likely going to be instrumental xD
Wow man, that was great dude, probably perfect for the feel you were going with. That high melody sounded pretty creepy man, I could see a creepy carnival type feel going in, maybe try to throw in a chromatic run at the very end? How would you play it though? Im guessing its two guitars transcribed for one track? To continue, maybe have some heavy guitar sounds underneath that type of riff, or throw in some chromatic melodies?
Thanks man, yeah its two guitars for one track, I just thought it sounded better with both parts playing on one track and double tracking it. GP6 has all these crazy effects so It really came about with messing with all of them lol, but Ill definatly try some chromatic runs at the end.