Well, first off I absolutely HATE the strings the dude suggested to me... they are GHS Boomers.

So I think maybe the neck needs to be adjusted, or something. Because my strings are touching, fairly tight, on my frets and the board but when I adjust them so they are not touching they are too loose and sound horrible. Should I take it in and get it looked at? Could I have stringed it wrong?

Also what strings should I try next, Elixirs, D'addario, and Ernie Ball have the best reviews but I'm not sure which is best for me. I play different genres and do experiment with different styles. I have tiny hands so aren't light and super light best? Especially for fast pace?
- Kate
I know how you feel. I really beat the life out of my strings and I snapped the d and g strings of my dunlop .60-.10s within a week.

Your problem could be that your bridge is too high and needs to be lowered. There are plenty of videos on youtube that show you how to do it. I recommend either Ernie Ball, D'addario, or the ones I've been using recently Rotosound yellows .46-.10. they're regular guage and they take a while to break.

Also are you playing an acoustic or electric?
Oops, I did forget to mention, I play electric and it's an SG.
- Kate
lol ghs boomers... those are like the strings stores sell for like 50 cents a pack...

use daddario 9s
actually alot of 'pros' use those strings but....process of elimination? try different strings? it sounds more of a setup issue to me. like your guitar is set up for lighter strings if they are too close. bigger stings=more tension. but you did say you use light strings so idk, maybe get a setup with the string gauge you prefer. and size of hands has nothing to do with it. all about strength of hands and tone. look at hendrix some the biggest hands ever. played tens i believe. SRV. 13 gauge, i think, with a wound G. dont quote me on this, just saying hand size doesn't matter.

do NOT, do NOT, **** with your neck unless you really know what your doing. Should look almost straight. A little curve with the U shape with the bottom towards your body while playing. If it looks wrong take it someone who know waht they are doing. More than likely a bridge saddle height issue. But..

personally I use nothing but Ernie Ball .10s. regular slinky i think (none on me right now)? Bright neon green package. they have never failed me and if i forget to change them or whatever don't play that guitar for a while. As opposed to my acoustics, which I use Martin ultra lights. The don't degrade as quickly. Also they almost NEVER break. And I play pretty hard picking wise.
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Same here. The regular slinkys are generally pretty cheap and last for a decent amount of time.
get your guitar setup by a professional.

GHS boomers are a good string.

I don't think the brand really matters that much as long as its a name brand.

I like the feel of daddario nickel wounds best but I don't care too much.

you can't just get a different gauge of sting all of a sudden unless your guitar is setup for that gauge of string.

any way, your new..you'll get the hang of it
My closest and most reptuable music store only sells Ernie Ball strings, the Regular slinky's, Extra Slinky's, Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms and Beefy Slinky.
So I'm using Ernie Ball strings, they're fine, I use the Heavier of the 2 available, and when I bust a string they only sell single D'Adarrio's, I know WTF, so my guitar's are always strung up with a mixture of string brands.
I cant tell the difference. Only thing that matters to me if its of a correct gauge and brand new fresh string. Rusty strings, especially the unwound one's hurt my hands like hell and are just waiting to break on you.
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Same here. The regular slinkys are generally pretty cheap and last for a decent amount of time.

I buy in bulk of Muscians Friend they under 5 bux i think.