Hey guys how's it goin,
I just recently got a new Mesa Boogie Roadster yesterday and I've been trying
to get a really good Pop-Punk sound of it but I have not had much luck.
I'm still getting used to the different sounds you can make on each channel.
Some examples of sound's I'm trying to get would bands like ( New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals ) Sounds like that.
If anybody could let me try out some settings or have any advice let me know.
try the brit mode and crank the gain and put the treble high.

or try channel 3 in vintage mode. Try different things like bold/spongy and tube vs. recto tracking. Setting the channel to 100w should also make it a bit more punchy.

Also, what kind of cab do you have?

I know SYG used a Dual Recto at once point so you shouldn't have much of a problem getting a sounds like them.
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Right now I'm using a Marshall but I ordered an Orange 4x12 PPC 400 wat cab but I'm waiting
for it to ship here.
The amp just doesn't like the bands you do?!

As said try diffrent combos of vintage, modern, tube ,silicone. Because those amps are extreamly versitile.
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Channel 3 (orange). Bass and treble about 10 o'clock, mids at about 2 o'clock. Gain and presence halfway up. Recto tracking, a spalsh or reverb (maybe 1/4 up), and 50 watt setting. Set the voicing mode (raw, trad, modern) to taste.

Great tone for Offspring, Rise Against, Just Surrender, etc.
I definitely got a really good tone out of it earlier today.
I have the mids and treble at about 4 o'clock, channel 3, vintage, 100 wats, with diodes selected and it sounds really nice with these burst bucker pickups I have in my Les Paul Studio.