Hi everyone, I just uploaded 3 instrumental songs, they were recorded using just a headphone/microphone combo and audacity so the quality is pretty horrid. However, I'd be very interested in some feedback/critique on the overall performance.
Two pieces are, sort of classical sounding while the other is sort of jazz sounding, hence the title. Although there are several tracks on each piece, each track was only recorded once, the Jazzy one has all kinds of mess up's lol so bear with it
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the music, looking forward to your replys, all feedback welcome

I really like the jazz tune, some very tasty playing. Great composition, my only advice would be to raise the volume, as it is a bit quiet.
I just realized also that I accidently uploaded the same track twice and so I fixed that as well. Sorry for the poor quality, just hoping to get feedback on the overall style/composition. Thank you for the reply, I will adjust the volume next time I record