I wanna die
I don’t wanna do this anymore
It doesn’t matter
I’ll Go to the convince store
f*cking Shoot em up
f*cking Spill their guts

Get some tasty blood
Feel up the cashier
then Steal some free beer
By now its obvious
This guys not all f*ckin here

Nothing works out
But the revenge is now
Everything in me
Just can’t be free
I’m gonna make you see
Or you ain’t gonna breathe

I’m at the bottom of the hill
Where I don’t have bills
Buts its not much fun
Cus the king is out for kills

If I could only chillax
I need to ****in relax
But from the pressure building up
Its only made me relapse
Every day is a constant attack
And I know after that
There was no turnin back
I know I’m doing bad,
But I can’t pick up the slack
Hmm... this sounds like a thug rap to be honest. If thats what you were shooting for then you hit the nail on the head. Other than that I'm not sure what to say.

If you weren't going for Thug, perhaps expand on the idea of why nothing goes right and why the guy no longer wants to live. That could add depth to this.

crit mine?