Was messing with some effects and look what happened lol, tell me what you guys think. This had 4 layers of bass tracks recorded. Timing everything was an absolute nightmare with the delay going insane. It really picks up around the 40 sec mark, probably need a decent speaker set to be able to hear all the bass lol.

Always willing to C4C just ask

Thanks again guys!
Reminds me of One these days by Pink Floyd, but quite a nice relaxed groove and very creative backround noises. Could work well as a soundtrack to a film or a game.
sounds like the music kind of music for video games. reminds me of half-life
I'm with jack, reminds me of video games. First thing I thought of was halo. It'd be pretty easy to make a big pile of mud recording 4 bass tracks against each other, but you did it well. The groove builds up sweet - a couple times it made me think of the matrix. Tight jam, keep up the good work! The mix sounds good through my headphones, no real critique here.