hey guys lately ive realised that while soloing, especially during fast bends between different notes, i tend to let go of the bended notes and make hit the open string. so say im doing this part of the sweet child solo :


since there are different notes between the bends, i have to let go of the bends quickly, play those notes then play the next bend and in doing so my finger sort of gets stuck to the string while leaving the bend and so i play the open string without wanting to....i dunno if you guys understood what im trying to say.
anyway i was just wondering whether this is simply a practice issue or its just me lol. the darn string gets stuck in the rough skin at the tip of my finger
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It happens. Mute it. Problem solved.
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Its you. Just practice more and make it cleaner - take it slow.

Also, tying a sock or a scrunchy hair band around the nut of the guitar will stop unwanted noise too.
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