I'm building a dual footswitch for my amp. I've found this pic to help me:

Instead of the SPST switches, I've got 2 DPDT switches which are 6 pin. So which wires go where? And what do the colours indicate?

Also, I'm using a stereo (2 wires inside) guitar cable to connect the DPDT switches to the audio jack, that will work wont it?
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Say this is your DPDT
- - <
- - < Use these lugs, the same as on your photo.
- - then the other side for an LED if you want it.

The colours dont really mean much. as long as you know what's going on. and yeah, you'd need a stereo cable for the 2nd switch to work.
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so, on your 6 pin dpdt, there are two column of three pins. you will use only one row per switch and two pins of each column. attach the green wire to the middle pin and the red or blue wire to another pin. it doesnt matter which.

as far as the colors are concerned, the green represents the common and the other two represent the separate hot leads. when the circuitry inside the amp senses that the hot an common are connected an electronic switch is activated.

and yeah, the 1/4" stereo or TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) cable is what you need for this diagram.