Well first start by learning the arrpegio shapes major/minor and their inversions, once you have them all down move on to songs which help you connect arrpegios any song will do that is if you start slowly. I also advise you to start with 3 strings then 4 and so on( when you are learning the song) as for the songs any Jason Becker thing will do also check out Loomis' stuff. Whats important is that you do not rush things.
The sweep picking section of Manowar's My spirit Lives On is a pretty good place to get acquainted with 3-string shapes and how you can use them
If you're insiting on a beginner sweeping song as opposed to an exercise - which would be more beneficial - you could try the chorus to Avenged Sevenfold's "Beast And The Harlot".
Appagieo's from Hell-Yngwie Malmsteen


The intro to Unearth's My will Be Done
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Start off with unlinked arpeggios, 3, 4 and 5 string. Then when you get better link them up for things like Jason Becker's altitudes. Being able to link them is much harder than being able to play a single arpeggio and go "I can sweep pick".
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i recommend exercises instead of songs.


Probably the simplest you can find in most songs (with sweep picking) is 3 string arpeggios.

Should definitely start with 2 strings, then proceed to 3, then 4, and so on. Practice on a clean channel and don't rush it; practice until you can play cleanly and no two notes are ringing at the same time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEWs7XGb_u0 <--- though this came out way after i started incorporating sweep picking into my playing, it really helped me clean up.
The Yngwie song Demon driver has a solo starting at 1:35 download the power tab from here and slow it down as much as possible and try that.

it's a series of three string arpeggios ascending through 8 or so different shapes it's melodic so it is fun to play and it's basically a sweeping exercise if you slow it down.
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i recommend exercises instead of songs.

Though if you must have a song, I recommend the sweeps in the last chorus of Bloodmeat by Protest the Hero. The alternate picking at the end of the sweeps is challenging though. This song might be too song, but hey. Do exercises.
One song that really helped me was Oziel Zinho's "Cross". Just make sure to make it REALLY clean and slow haha or you won't get anywhere. What I like about it is that it's challenging, fun, and people generally like it =O. It takes you all over the neck and there are patterns/shapes you can break down on different strings and parts of the neck. There is also another really cool arpeggio part about midway thru the song I believe and it's another fun part to learn and practice.


and here is the full song.

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