Im looking into getting a fuzz pedal. I want a pedal that HEAVILY distorts and adds fuzz to the sound, similar to the solo on 'blackout' by muse, and would sound like a sawmill synth. Can anyone recomend a pedal that would have that type of effect?
ZVex Fuzz Factory. Bellamy uses it all over Absolution, but its most noticeable on OoS in Plug In Baby. I've got one and its a pretty crazy fuzz. So much fun.

EDIT: if you're going for that Plu in Baby tone then it doesnt really matter what Amp you have- its all about the pedal, but for the tone you're looking for it would work best with a nice warm amp with plenty of crunch available.

EDIT2: Also, this is the wrong section of the forums dude. You should have put this in GG&A.
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