I currently own a Fender pro Jr, and run a Boss ME50 for effects and distortions etc.
I have been thinking about replacing my Pro Jr with a Blackstar combo, or possibly a stack..
I only need the amp for home use, and don't want to piss my housemates off so i need an amp that will be solid at low volumes. I tend to push the volume on the pro jr up a bit much for bedroom use to get a better sound, thinking maybe the ht1 will fare better?

I play all sorts of stuff, the usual blues to metal range, with Paul Gilbert-y stuff if I can manage it.

So, is this a good idea? how much do you reckon I would get for a second hand JR Pro, and for those who have tried out the HT1, is there much of a difference between the stack and combo? hows the distortion on it?
Make sure that you try it first, I would not buy it sight unseen. I tryed a Blackstar HT20 on thurs, because of all the hype. Unfortunately to me it was all hype( I did not try the HT1 or HT5) so if the gain is like the ht20 I would look into something else. I'm not a Marshall guy at all (just don't like them) but the same day I tried the Blackstar I also tried the Class 5. It sounded very full and clear kinda like an old Plexi, but very very little gain. if you put a pedal in to it it will scream. Have you thought about maybe a POD type unit with headphones?
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Gak (local music store) dont stock blackstar amps, which is a pain because I cant find them around. This making trying it quite difficult.
I have tried the Superchamp, really liked it but it had too much presets and additional things I wouldnt need due to the ME50. The simplicity is what made me buy a Jr Pro in the first place.

I would also probably sell the Fender if I was to buy the HT. any idea how much I should aim to sell it for?

also does anyone have any idea as to how the ht takes effects?

(I use an Rg ibanez with stock ibz pickups)
It might be simply that low volume doesn't sound that good. And no amp will fix that. If you said that the Pro Jr hummed too much at a low volume i could see that. Stuff isn't selling that well but I would ask $200 and be prepared to take $150 if you are willing wanting to sell.

Something you might try is retrofitting an L-Pad between the speaker out and speaker. This way you can crank the amp a bit and keep the volume low.

I'll consider that, though I dont feel so comfortable with messing with things i very well may sell.