Love the composition on this! Reminds me a lot of Sylosis with the evil progressive sound, the break at 0:30 and the solo after it was just awesome as well. Needless to say there's a lot of work to be done in terms of production. How are you recording your guitars? Sounds like its mic'ed pretty poorly up to a low end amp, at this stage you might benefit from recording DI. Also, the drums are really hiding in this mix, turn them up a little and mess around with the mixing so they cut through more.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1448390
The break at 30 seconds was pretty awesome. A song like this needs to be longer, it has real potential. Nice solo at the end. I agree that the recording quality could be better, but it was good nonetheless.
Awsome jam bud, in agreement with the other comments you need to turn this into a full fledge song. Good tight playing overall, drums, guitar and couldn't tell if that was a synth or guitar with effects but it sounded cool after the :30 second breakdown.

5 Stars!
Massive potential, loved it, the only thing for me was whatever comes in at like 0:09 i wasn't really into, think it's doesn't play much of a role, seems random, but aside from that the breakdown was kick ass and love the riffs, should definitely develop it further
thanks for the input slash!
yeh, i tried to allow that riff to play a secondary, polyphonic role to the main melody rather than have it play a harmony or something.
if you listen carefully, its the same phrase as the lead "piano" in the breakdown, and in my opinion, if i didn't put that melody in, the breakdown wouldn't have quite the flow or the desired effect i have in mind.

still, i respect your opinion, and thanks for critiquing my piece. cheers!
It could use some work mixing and mastering wise. When I listened to it. It has a lot of static. The lead guitar is great. Song writing wise it's very well build. U should add a 2nd guitar doing the high notes for the rhythm. I know it suppose to be heavy and all but it would really add more to the song. Btw does this song have any correlation with the epic meal time youtube guys?

thnx for your crit on my song happy to return the favor
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LOL no we're not in anyway involved with epic meal time.
kind of a long story how we ended up with the name "epic metal time" haha
we started off as "nick and nabhan's metal zone" and someone thought it said "meal zone".

anyways, thanks for the comments!
This shit sounds real good! i def got the old metal vibe from it! 5/5 bro, piano and synth on point. not to mention i heard what sounded to be some lamb of god influences
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YES someone hears my lamb of god influence!
definitely my strongest influence, even though i'm more into prog at the moment.
Sounds pretty good. Can't spot any flaws composition-wise, i liked the dynamics used in the track and the synthy part, something different to change up the metal riffing. Some interesting scales used in the lead parts, sounds really cool! Awesome solo. I would have liked the track to be longer though, it just seems to end a little too suddenly.

The production isn't that great but i could tell what was going on. I'd definately work more on this if i were you! It has great potential to be a full song, but i'd say it sounds pretty good as it is. Nice one.