Hi guys.

Ok, so I've been playing guitar for about 6 1/2 years now and I love it, can't get enough and I don't want to do anything else in life other than music / playing guitar. But recently I've been drifting away from practicing at home. I used to play from when I got home from school till bed time but now I play for about 30mins a night max. I'm in a bunch of bands so maybe that's the reason I don't practice anymore?

Basically what I'm asking is, what techniques / songs should I learn to keep my practice up at home, I really want to practice at home but I just don't know what to actually practice. Scales, songs, techniques, speed? I'm just not sure.

Please help me out.

How many bands? Maybe you should get out of a couple and focus on one or 2.
You've probably burned out on the whole practice thing, it happens if you over do it, and yes, playing in a bunch of bands would also wear you down on the practice thing...you work all day, jam with all kinds of bands all night, the last thing you want to do when you actually have some downtime is pick the guitar up again, its natural. And your on the right track, when I burn out with practicing, learning a sweet new song, usually a style or level that im not accustomed to, throws me right back in to wanting to practice constantly again.

That being said I dont think that speed drills and scales are gonna really motivate you (especially if you already have them down pat, at that point they should only take up 10 minutes of your practice time) Try some jazz, or to be more specific, try some arrangements of popular songs that have been adapted for solo guitar (chord/melody/solo all written for single guitar, not the other kind of solo), those can often times be very advanced since theres so much going on, and it will really pull you in and probably you'll probably make a few new favorite songs you would have never thought twice about before

Hope this helped (some song suggestions would be the common Jazz Standards, which is also a book by the same title, very good, but any musical adaptions for solo guitar would be what I'm talking about....check out songs like tommy emmanuel's chord/melody/solo of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, these is what I'm mainly talking about)
Quote by SWilson
How many bands? Maybe you should get out of a couple and focus on one or 2.

Uhmm, it sounds a bit over the top but I'm in like 6.

Playing bass in a 5 piece jazz band,
Lead guitar in a reggae band,
Guitar in a blues / jazz trio
Guitar in a rock / funk band
Guitar in a indie / folk band
Lead guitar in a covers band.

Just so it doesn't look stupid, the reggae band is the one that's actually taking off. The blues, jazz, rock, funk, indie, and folk bands have very very little gigs, and the 5 piece Jazz, and the covers bands only have gigs about once a month. So even though I'm in a lot, there not all keeping me busy with gigs, and practices are short and simple as all of us in the bands know what we are doing.

sar8777: Thanks for the answer, seems like you know exactly what I'm going through. I have been interested in learning jazz properly, learning more sophisticated chord shapes / voicings. Would also love to be able to improvise over some jazz standards, using chord scales and different modes etc, I'm just not sure the way around it, or how to start for that matter.
If you've got 30 mins to practice "your" stuff, I'd suggest you work on stuff that is useful for general guitar playing, especially if you can make it fun.

Suggestions -

Working with a groove - keeping it solid, taking it rhythmically "out", bringing it back.

Fretboard knowledge - take a lick you know all over the fretboard, there should be five or six ways to play almost any simple lick.

Either of these will help you with starting to learn jazz properly and are fun to do with your precious practice time.