Firstly, I hope I am posting this in the correct discussion board. If not, I apologise >.<

Recently, I lost someone very close to me via suicide. And it has deeply hurt myself and others close to this person.
I am in a band, but have postponed all future gigs until i feel i can cope with the stresses of putting a show together (we're not big, so it's no harm for now). However, I would like to ask a request for any songwriters or anyone generally willing to help me out.

I feel a big connection to the song 'Hitoiro' from the movie Nana 2. Yes, it is a song in Japanese. But when I found the lyrics translated here a chord was struck deeply in my heart, and I thought this is the song I wish to cover for my beloved one.
The song can be heard here. but here comes the 'odd' request.

My band is punk, therefore we like to keep to this genre (or perhaps we're not talented enough to play any other genre ) and was wondering if someone could 're-write' this song into a punk song, to fit with the english translated lyrics.

This song will be used only for the next live show, as a tribute. There will be no profit made from it. Just a way of saying goodbye in our own style, I guess.

Any takers?
Why don't you learn to do it yourself? Surely the resulting track will mean a lot more to you if you've had to do the work yourself.
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I have tried, believe me. I just have no skill in the songwriting department.
Could you not just look at the sheet and change it to power chords?

Sorry about your loss btw.
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Could you not just look at the sheet and change it to power chords?

Sorry about your loss btw.

punk is typically all powerchords so just get a chord chart and play the power chord version of each chord. so if your progression was Gmaj7 Emin7 D7 just play G5 E5 D5....
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