Hey guys, this is my second Youtube cover. I got tired of spending ages learning Dream Theater songs and getting bored before I finished so I decided to learn something relatively easier.

This was also my first time experimenting with Logic Pro 9 and using VST plugins to get my sound.


you definitely need some better recording equipment to showcase your awesome skills.
nice clean playing, and good technique and expression.
maybe you should work on your guitar tone a bit though- sounds to thin and "plastic" haha

by the way, i was in the same predicament as you for ages (the Dream Theater thing)
check out Ytse Jam- its an awesome song from their first album and is not too hard- I learnt it! (and i'm quite noobular haha)

anyways, care to check out my original metal piece?
its part of my and friend's project EPIC METAL TIME- like us on facebook
and check out the ytse jam- dream theater cover on my youtube channel too