Whats up guys, so I've got a small guitar rig, with a Dunlop Crybaby Wah, DS-1 Distortion, and a DD-3 Delay and i do it in that order and it doesn't sound right. I have the Wah on and engaged but when I click it off it sounds like crap. When I have it on it sounds like crap, but when I have the distortion first on my rig, then the engaged wah, then the delay it sounds perfectly fine. It seems very unorthodox and I want to fix it, help please?
It's just down to taste.. I like wah after distortion for a much bigger/meaner sound but before it sometimes distortion/fuzz can really blow it out and the effect becomes useless.

If it sounds good to you, keep doing it! Follow the "order" people suggest and then tweak it to your taste, as with anything when it comes to guitar etc
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yeah, wah is second in line with distortion first and delay in third...the wah is engaged so i dunno...its weird but it works, thanks guys