I replaced the machine head on my acoustic and put a new string on G, but it doesn't sound like G at all, it says its tunned on my tuner, but it sounds very bassy, I don't have a clue what it might be, any Ideas?

Tom hughes
is it a different higher gauge than the rest of your strings? are the other strings quite old? this could explain why its cutting through more than the other strings.
Yeah most of them were changed in January, It just doesn't sound natrual at all, although on the tuner it says it tunned, just sounds like a bass string.
hmm perhaps consider doing a full string change and getting a G string that isnt wound?

Usually if it's been a while since your last complete restringing, it's a good idea to do that when a string breaks. That's a sign they might be too old. Keeping the strings within the same brand would also help.
I just changed the whole strings to the same pack, but the G string (ha ha yes G string) still doesn't sound good, sounds like a bass string, the make of the strings are 'Meridian'.
I have a feeling you're not bringing the G string up to the correct octave. Some cheaper electronic tuners will still pick up that G note and display it as being the correct string and note even though it's an octave lower than where it needs to be. Try using an online tuner that produces each of the 6 tones and match your G to that and see what happens.
Out of curiosity, does the g seem go be sort of on the floppy loose side? Not under as much tension as the other strings?
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