My band, Flying and Falling, has 5 original songs recorded and on youtube, with more to come. They are kind of rock, with acoustic guitar, some of them. You'll see.

Channel on youtube is flyingandfallingband.
Song titles are: Not a Clue, Panic Mode, Very Angry Llamas, Empty Words, Stay Away

Comments and criticism on any of these songs would be appreciated.

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Hey thanks for the crit!

I've listened to Empty Words, Very Angry Llamas and Not A Clue...

Good work overall, recording wise, are you using a dynamic microphone? You can really tell in recordings as it gives a very muddy, boxy sound. I'd reccomend investing in a condenser mic if you are considering recording stuff more often! Band seems tight, not the stuff I'd normally listen to but I'm digging Not A Clue!

Keep it up
Thanks for the advice. We're actually using a Rock Band USB mic, so I'm just glad it sounds as good as it does, but I have been looking for a good mic to record with. Thanks again for the tip.
Hey thanks so much for checking out Overpass!

I listened to Empty words. Not my usual type of music I listen to, but it sounded really nice! I could definitely picture this being a popular song, o rlike hearing it on the radio haha. Mix isn't that good, but you are using a rock band mic, and I've been there where that's all I had at my disposal so I feel your pain :p