I figure it could be a do-it-yourself kit kinda thing, I've seen a ton of JEM knockoffs like that floating around my classified sections lately...my other guess would have to be that the seller just replaced the black hardware with gold stuff as a personal preference! Ask the seller to get you a serial, then you could potentially find out if it's legitimate.
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The picture of it says that it is an Rg470.. but i would definetly look into the serial #.
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Looks like a GRG170DX or GRG270DX, but they don't have that bridge/knobs color.
its from '94..could be?

I'll do a little research...

Looks legit too me?


Just a older model....I think its legit...
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Whether it's legit or not. That thing is freaking gorgeous
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we need bigger pictures- especially one of the back of the headstock (so you can read the serial number) and a close-up of the trem.

and just general more close-up pics.
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