I began writing this song this morning, started and finished the drums this afternoon, did all the tracking/recording tonight and finished the mix tonight.

This is a song for my recording project, "Remnants". I hope to have vocals added to it as soon as the guy I've contacted can find time to work some out.


Let me know what you think!
I like the song a lot. Nice ambiance and tension with the leads and the riffs were pretty groovy. Really nice job!

The production left a lot to be desired though. There are some weird rim clicks going on in the drum part that are really out of place sounding and a few places where the 'drummer is hitting a cymbal, snare and tom all at the same time. Also the midi sounds really take away from a really awesome song. If you want to post up the midi, I can give it a run through SD2 and do some processing on them if you'd like. If you've got a midi bass part as well I can hook you up with a nice DI.

Guitar tone was pretty solid, a bit muddy at times, but I think this is because the rhythms aren't hard panned; doing so would really help widen the whole mix and make it a little less thin (the left crash cymbal sounds panned further out than then guitars which is a bit weird to hear) and muddy in the middle.

All in all the song is really solid and I'd love to hear a more polished version! If you'd be interested in posting stems for mixing, that'd be awesome!