I'll stick both of these quick questions in one post, because it's easier =]

So yeah, I've had a couple of ideas, but It'd be good to get some opinions because I'm a noob!
First up is this; I'm getting a Fender Esquire delivered in a couple of days, and I ordered it with the intention of switching out the bridge because I really like the one on my MIJ Squier Tele and was hoping to get something kinda similar, and I had something like this in mind- http://www.allparts.uk.com/online-shop/guitar-bass-parts/bridges-parts-tailpieces/bridges/guitar-bridges/bridges-for-tele-style-guitars/vintage-style-6-saddle-steel-bridge-for-tele-2-p-2625.html
But the asymmetry of it kinda bugs me =/ I hope I'm getting my meaning across here XD
I know that the MIJ Squier Tele has six barrel saddles arranged symmetrically, and I was hoping to get the same sort of thing in an ashtray bridge setup, but I haven't been able to find something like that anywhere so... erm... could you guys tell me if that even exists? XD I know it's kind of dumb and nit- picky, but I'm really a sucker for symmetry XD

Secondly, and this is definitely a simpler question, does anyone know of a way to kind of reinforce the case for a EHX Big Muff? I got a reissue ages ago, and it keeps buckling when I stomp on it a little too hard XD it's easy enough to bend the thing back into shape, but it's still kind of a pain, so I was thinking about ways to strengthen it up a little, but all of my ideas are dumb XD

So yeah, any and all advice or comments or whatever would be awesome =D thanks guys!
make a sexy wood box out of cast iron and then cover it in zebra wood and then tie-dye it!!
not mine, i got the NY Re-issue, with the bent sheet- metal case. likes to bend.
no, I meant make a cast iron box and throw the electronics in there and then cover it in zebra wood for the sexy part
ahh right =D that could work actually. could maybe scavenge an old solid box and switch the circuits, thinking on it. dead units go on ebay for like, nothing, right? =]
pretty much dude, but still.... the zebra wood was the cool part.... don't give up on that....
totally unrelated, but where the **** can you buy it? I was thinking about making a custom pickguard out of it for my tele, but I can't find anyplace that sells it in sheets that big
there's a shop near me that sells that sort of thing in sheets pretty much any size- it's called reekie's, it's in gosport, but i don't know if they have a website =/
and wood blocks would work, i guess =]