So I basically love playing my acoustic but I can't find very many good, not super difficult, finger-style guitar songs... Can you send in some good ones?
Have you ever been intrigued by the sound of someone playing fingerstyle guitar? Have you wondered how to go about learning to play in this dynamic, expressive style? Well I can certainly understand that because I've felt exactly the same way.

On this website we'll be looking at how to go about learning to play fingerstyle guitar. Some of the lessons reflect my approach to learning the guitar. But I know that we're all different.

The same approach to learning doesn't work for everyone. That's while you'll also find information on other approaches to learning to play. I'll only suggest methods that I've reviewed and think are a good, knowledgeable approach.

this guy (mike herberts) has a lot of lessons and different songs of varied difficulty. should help you get started. Im pretty sure he only does FP versions of songs.

second candyrat on YT although im guessing alot or all of these will be too hard at this point, but great place see what you can aspire to.