Well, here we go
I have a Jamlab USB interface:

My guitar has active Emg 81/85 setup.

This is an example of the sound I can take out of it using some free plugins and guitar rig 4, using only my laptop to get the sound:


I want to get a new USB interface, since this one was cheap (therefore, I guess its not something that good - but good for my ears though...).

I want a better interface just to get a more "less" noise when using high gains. My guitar isnt the problem. The EMG's are very quiet. And also, a studio like tone. If you know what I mean, lol.
Also, you guys listened the audio quality. I want to do a good home studio only using the interface. Nothing extreme... just something better than jamlab.

Here is an example of the noise (the gain is like 5):

Any opinions? Are Line 6 Pod UX1 and M-audio fast track any good?

It's seem pretty good, I've heard albums that have poorer quality than that on their guitars. If you EQ that a bit, it should be fine. The only mistakes I heard were in your playing.
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I have a Line 6 Pocket POD and it sounds great and has a noise gate built in so it's very quiet. but a Line 6 Pod UX1 is a little better since it comes with POD Farm
But what about that noise there ?
It does not come from the guitar. A better interface could make it go away?
Listening to your noise on that thing at a gain of 5 is kinda of ridiculous (assuming its out of 10). I would ditch the thing for a real interface. Also reviews aren't spectacular from what I have read.

I have no real issues (for home recording) with noise on my Line 6 UX2. When I had a Lexicon Lambda I also didn't have noise nearly that bad either.

As for the tone on the guitar its kinda of a bit to much bass and mids. Also high gain amps and amp simulators always gonna add a lot of noise to the signal path. Thats just how it is. Also look into cab impulses and such in the Official UG Amp Sim thread if you haven't already.
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I am afraid of getting a new interface and it solves nothing...

Is UX1 or guitarport any good?
I use a UX2 and I believe the only real difference is the UX1 is one channel with no meters (not that you really need them if you know what your listening for) and no phantom power. The UX2 has 2 channels, meters, and phantom power.
Do you know what I need to know (about specifications of the interface) in order to have less noise than jamlab?

And have you ever used Fast Track from M-audio?

Thanks for the replies man
I do know the UX1 and Fast Track are both significantly low in noise.

I have used a Fast Track once and it worked great. Both of these interfaces are used by many people. In fact Line 6 even boosts "Lowest noise for recording guitar (12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces)."

idk what the exact noise specification

Having never used the Jamlab I don't know much about the noise except a lot of people complain about it in reviews.
Is there any difference between Line 6 Pod Studio Ux1 and Line 6 Toneport Ux 1?

Just software difference? If so, it doesnt matters to me... I won't use any software it comes with.
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