Does anyone have Rockfield Mafia pickups? I want to buy them, but I haven't found review on the web. What do you think about them? Any comparison to other pickups (EMG, Duncan?). Are they good for heavy metal/rock/jazz/blues? Is it worth to buy them?

Thanks in advance for reply.
put a couple more $$ with it and get eather some duncans/dimarzios. they sound dicent, but not great.
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I have rockfield select wound vintage paf's...they sound great and can pull metal off well. The mafia is hotter so it should no doubt do metal.
I have the Mafia in the Neck position of my Michael Kelly. And I HAD the Mafia in the bridge...I swapped it out for a Duncan Detonator MAINLY as my other geet had that pick-up, and the Mafia was voiced so different;y, that it didn't sound good with the settings I had for the Detonator.

These pups have a strong midrange, where the Duncans aren't so strong there. Ended up with a little mid-range overload when swapping guitars.

Don't get me wrong,I could EQ the Mafias to sound REALLY good, But I already had a Detonator in my Ibanez...It was cheaper to get Another Detonator, And the Detonators are a good bit hotter.

The Mafias are a good pup to try out.
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