I was looking at some Agile guitars (I'm shopping for an 8 string) and I think what I am going to buy is this:


But when I notices that they have the same exact model, but in 30 in scale!


So...Which one is better? I play bass so I can play long scales fine, but is there a tone difference? I like to use 9 gauge strings on my 6 string guitars, and since this will be my first 9 string, i'm stumped.

I'm not looking to get the 8 string for open string chugging, I was looking to buy it more for expanding arpeggios and chords, along with scales ect...

So which one is for me?

(sorry for the newb post)
30 inch scale is a bit overkill. It will probably make the bottom strings sound too stiff, depending on your tuning. 28" sounds perfect for you, especially since you aren't focusing on the low strings specifically.
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I would say go for the 28" though, 30" is overkill a little and is enough of a difference to make some of the more stretchy ideas and chords on the lower end of the range a bit harder. It'd be possible but I don't think the ease/tension trade-off would be worth it.
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