Hey all, I have a used epiphone les paul here. It looks beautiful only problem is there's rust on the pickups. I wanted to get some better pickups and i dont mind electrical work.

I was wondering what some good pickups are that are currently out and that are really versatile. I like alot of music ranging from all forms of rock to some forms of metal (Bullet for my Vallentine). Ideally i'd like to keep the price below one hundred but looking around i dont see too much for more than that. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
sorry forgot to put that one of the pickups has little to none the other ones the one im worried about so less than 100 for one
where are you located?
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Rust doesn't affect the functionality of a pickup in any way.
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Yeah it is a little more of an aesthetic thing but i would like to try another pickup out for tonal reasons. I am in Pennsylvania
You can get a GFS set pretty comfortably. Try a Vintage 59 in the neck and a Crunchy Pat in the bridge.

EDIT: A Fat Pat in the neck might be a little more balanced actually. Might be too much of a contrast between the Crunchy Pat and the 59. But maybe not. Whichever you like the description more of I guess.
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I would suggest either the EMG 81 bridge 85 neck or Gibson Dirty Fingers bridge and Gibson 57 Classic neck. Hope that helps.