I've been looking at one of these for a few weeks now but no-where near me at all stock them, in fact 5 places I called had never even heard of it.

So I've seen youtube demos but none of them go into higher gain territory, anyone know how it fares?
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ive had some serious issues trying to find a good wah for metal. i currently have the crybaby 535q and its ok... its adjustable which is nice wen i have a hendrix craving here and there but its nothing special with high gain. i have heard ALOT of good things about the kirk hammet (i would have gotten it but i had just enough cash for a used 535q at my local GC) and my guitar teacher also reccomended that i look at the dimebag signature. i guess the dimebag is one of the more adjustable while the kirk hammet is specifically made to handle higher gain stuff.

that and the kirk hammet just looks SICK!!!!!!
No idea, but the Morley range (bad horsie & bad horsie 2) tend to be wahs typically considered for high gain music.
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The Morley Tremonti is absolutely perfect for high-gain stuff, I used to have one but I sold it 'cause I was tight for cash. ****ing brilliant pedal though, does high gain stuff perfectly.
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The MC-404 can play anything, you just have to adjust it. I have it and its perfect for everything also has a drive boost but you won't need it if you already have distortion or boost. if you have the money get it I doubt there is anything better around its price.
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