Hey guys...I have a nice epiphone les paul standard plus top in heritage cherry. It used to be one of my main guitars until i bought a 1960 gibson melody maker (best guitar I have ever played to be honest).

Since buying my melody maker the epiphone is rarely played..
The guitar sounds great unplugged, so I can safely say it's the crap electronics letting it down..

I'd like to try and mod it for some gary moore/slash style stuff
I'm thinking of trying to find a decent humbucker sized p90 for the bridge and an alnico pro 2 seymore duncan humbucker in the neck...but i'd like some of your thoughts on how to go about things, aswell as pickups you would recommend etc..

By the way...no, i don't want to invest in a better amp etc, as with the melody maker, the rig sounds good, I just want to better a guitar I used to love
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Pearly gates pup by SB should do the trick. I got these in my guitar and they really sound great for the Mr. Moore and Mr. Slash stuff.

FYI Dimarzio makes p90 sized humbuckers, in all their current models. This may or may not help you.
i switched out my pickups on all my epiphone models i have had, i would look into seymore duncans or even gibson pickups. If it were me i wouldn't put the p90 in the bridge but i would put it in the neck with a humbucker in the bridge. I have found that certain p90s dont get good enough gain, but that is my personal experience and i am a gain addict.

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I'd go for a higher gain p/u if you aren't looking to upgrade your amp as you aren't going to get the most out of a really nice mid gain p/u with your current amp.

You'll notice a decent difference if you pick up a simple JB 59 set up. It's a classic set up for a reason. It's really good. I have a 59 in my guitar and it's a great neck p/u. A JB will give you a better overdriven sound then your stock pafs.
the jb/59 set-up sounds like a good idea actualy...

Thanks for all the replies people, most certainly food for thought
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