... to go from being a total novice to being able to play this fluently?

Yeah I know, different people learn at different paces, yadda yadda. But after nearly four years of playing I'm nowhere near the level of skill needed to play the kind of music I like. I can barely pull off the opening riff and the breakdown @~2:55; the easiest parts of the song.

It's kind of depressing to practice and practice and practice and get absolutely nowhere. I can't afford a tutor, which is also a little disheartening. Watching instructional videos, or just watching people play can be inspiring but also frustrating in that I can't seem to emulate what they're doing.

Sorry for this rather morose post guys. I just felt like putting my cards on the table.
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maybe you need to have more faith in yourself.
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Dude, Dying Fetus is NOT easy stuff to play. I've been playing about 4 and a half years, and I will put it out there that there's stuff I really should be able to play at this point that I just can't.

So what do I do? I don't give up. I just realize that I'm not at that level yet.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
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it realy varries on how much you practice and how good your teacher/practice methods are. ive been playing for 3 years without a teacher and i can hardly do metallica but my friend andy has been playing for 1 year and a half with an amazing teacher and he is doing Van halen already.
I'll put it this way, after 4 years, you should probably be at the point where you're identifying and working through your weaknesses. I'm shit for guitar, but anything creative, once I feel like I have a baseline to work with, I start to work on the little things I'm not very good at it. Oftentimes it's better to make up your own stuff, than trying to play something someone else created. Just seems like it teaches better. (For me, anyways)

Keep going, and you'll get there dude. You just need to figure out your next steps.
Just keep trying and don't get unmotivated and you'll be able to play it eventually. I have a friend who has that attitude to his guitar work and it's what makes him a way better guitarist then me.
while to me this sounds really easy, dont be down on yourself its all good in the hood man it takes time.
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like everyone is saying it takes time man, i love lamb of god and i didnt start actually being able to play it until i started listening and understanding that type of trash or groove metal. You just need to slow stuff down and understand that it takes time for your hands to be able to sync up to the speed of certain metal songs to be able to play them consistently. i cant really sweep pick because of the speed it takes but i think i can build up to it. Dont get discouraged, metal takes time and alot alot alot of practice. Keep it up and break songs down into parts and you will get there.

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Although I think this is horrible "music", you should just keep playing and being patient until you can play this. On the other hand its good to learn a whole song really in detail; that gives you a lot.
Loki 37 has an excellent point. If you write your own riffs, they can really help you. If there is some technique (sweep arpeggio, legato runs) you want to practice, make a riff of it that is just a bit out of reach of your ability. This gives you something to strive for that you know you could play with a bit of effort. Also, while practice is essential, you should try not to over-practice the same riff/song. It will get stale for you, and you won't really notice any improvement in your playing. Instead, try to learn something else which uses a similar technique. Personally, I have found that taking a break from one song only to come back to it after you have learned other things can really help you master a song. Try to constantly learn new material, both easier and harder, and NEVER lose your momentum! It isn't enough to simply practice the same thing, you have to keep pressing yourself to do it better. Try playing simple tunes with your eyes closed, or while watching TV or something. If you can play something perfectly, try making it harder by looking away from your guitar and diverting your attention. If you can learn to play without even really thinking about it, you will be a better guitarist. When you are trying to play something and it just sounds really clumsy and your fingers just don't have that feeling of 'momentum' like they should, chances are you either don't have it memorized well enough or you just need time. Practice regularly, know where you want to be, and want it badly enough to constantly push yourself to that goal. Hell, if you have any peers who have a skill level about the same as yours, tell yourself "I'm going to be a better guitarist than they are!" and get a little friendly competition going! Just don't get too full of yourself. Live it, breathe it, BECOME IT!!! I've been playing guitar for a bit over a year now and I can play it better than people who were playing BEFORE I WAS EVEN BORN because I devote myself to it entirely, and I take the time to learn every little nuance of my craft. You can play guitar as fast as you can move your hands, it's only a matter of achieving the discipline to get them to do exactly what you want. There is no spoon!
Thanks for the replies guys.

I guess I just need to keep going and stop trying too hard to play the same thing over and over (which I tend to do a lot).
Just checked the Guitar Pro tab of that song. The opening riff and the breakdown are pretty easy, but the rest is extremely difficult. I can't play them too, and I'm a rock/metal rhythm guitarist who has been playing for 4,5 years.
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Guitar Pro

Such an awesome tool btw . I only discovered it a few weeks ago after finally teaching myself to read tab (I was shocked at how easy that was and scolded myself for not learning it years ago). Even if I can't still can't play what I want it at least lets me see how stuff is meant to be played.