I just put these on my guitar (I actually had it setup for it a long time ago, but kept using .10-.46). I'm wondering if there will be any lasting damage to my guitar from these higher tension strings. I also adjusted the truss rod to give me about a .012" relief using the method of measuring the distance from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string at the 8th fret, while holding the string down at the first and last fret. My scale length is 24.75. Is okay to have these strings on with this setup?
I use 10-46, always in E standard and my guitar is fine. So, from personal experience, you should be fine.
It's fine, it gives you a chunkier bottom end is all.
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I use that gauge on my guitars, and they all have a 25.5" scale length, and they're fine. They're also in E standard.
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yeah, iv'e had 10-60's on in standard. it was fine for the guitar, just uncomfortable for me. 10-52's is what i regularly use anyway, and it feels fine in standard, and isnt damaging to your guitar, unles maybe your guitar is some cheap $50 starter guitar
i have 12-56 in E standard and its fine
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I use that gauge on my 25" PRS SE. My brother uses the same set on his 24.75" LTD. Add me to the resounding cry of the "Yes, it'll work."
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Dave Grohl uses/used 15's. You'll be fine.
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I've had .11-.52 on my strat for over a year now in e standard and theres nothing wrong with it, just make sure you set it up properly.
.010s are great. They sound much tighter and punchier and don't break easily. .011s are even better, but I don't use them because they make it a real PITA to barre on the first two frets.
Yeah there fine. I only use them now. Although if you're guitar has a tremolo you might need to adjust it if the extra tension is lifting the bridge.
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