Hey, whats up, guys and gals?
I was thinking that it would be a pretty cool project to build a 6 fretted acoustic guitar.
It would ultimately be the size of a concert sized uke. Has anyone ever heard of this being accomplished?
Take heart, sweetheart, or i will take it from you.
I was thinking recently about building something like this for practice purposes when you don't have your guitar with you, I'm sure someone has build one before, if you build one post pics
I'm going to attempt to build one, i have a squier strat laying around here somewhere, i'm thinking of splicing the neck off of it and just building a hollow body.
Take heart, sweetheart, or i will take it from you.
If you space the frets like the first 6 frets of a full scale guitar the intonation will be waaaay off.
I am not sure I get the point of it.

There already are guitars the size of tenor ukes--the guitalele. I think the fingers would be too cramped if oen tried to make a guitar still smaller than that. (More cramped with six strings than a uke with four.)

Why only six frets? That would be a much shorter scale than a concert uke, and would be a very limited instrument. I doubt anyone would make such a thing.