Im looking to buy new pickups for my Ibanez guitar. The amps i use are a marshall 102MG and a blackstar HT-5S

I need pickups that are good for shred and lead. Preferred styles are thrash, power metal and heavy metal.

What would you recommend?
I guess you'd like hot pickups, so as a fan of DiMarzios (and the fact that Ibanez seems to have some sort of a love relationship with them anyway) I'd recommend either a set of Evolutions, D Activators or like in my S5470, Crunch Lab and Liquifire.

There isn't such thing as universal "best" since people like different things, I just find these to be excellent.
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Evo for shizzle, can't go wrong with Steve. Sexy Tender Surrender to Bad Horsie, can't beat that.
If you use double 'buckers, Tonezone and Air Norton are a good match. To be honest, any DiMarzio go well with Ibanez, as has been said.