I've just recently got my hands on an old Aria SG copy. This copy has the open book headstock, which from what I've read means it was made in 1976 or earlier. It also has a Bigsby style tremolo bridge, but from what I've read the only Aria SG's with this were the Aria custom shop SG copies, but they all had block fret inlays - this one has over-sized dot inlays. It is oxblood red, and has no type of serial number, etc., except is does say "Made in Japan" on the neckplate, as this is a bolt-on. Also, I was told the body and neck are mahogany, but it seems more weighted like ash. Anybody have any insight with this?
Yeah, I had found that site. Pretty sure it is a Matsumoku, but still can't find one with a Bigsby and over-sized dot inlays. It is slowly driving me crazy.