Just got a fretless guitar so should I put flatwound strings on it?
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Flatwounds sound and feel smoother than roundwound strings. And that's what people are generally aiming for with a fretless. But i can't see why you can't you use roundwounds and try and retain some brightness, maybe you can get some fretboard buzz with roundwounds?

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I love flatwounds...for certain applications. On my gretsch, awesome, my teles, not so much.

Plus, they are damned expensive.
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for the love of god yes, roundwounds raep your fretboard. Saw it happen on my buddy's bass. He strung it with roundwounds, played it for a day or two and they were already starting to gouge the fretboard. Bass is obviously different (thicker strings duh) but i would imagine the same thing would happen to your guitar, maybe not as dramatically and quickly but still
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