Might be a dumb question considering BFMV uses them but I don't have any personal experience with them. I'm very likely getting a DK2M soon through a trade so I won't be able to test it out first. Do these things handle drop tunings well? I've been trying to use youtube and while there are a few videos, most are demonstrating its shredding capabilities and I want to know about its riffing capabilities (and of course youtube videos cannot always be trusted).

If anyone has some insight on this that would be great
Jacksons are great for drop tuning. Just make sure if it has Floyd Rose its set up right and your golden.
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It will work as long as you have it set up properly. As long as you are using a 25.5 in. scale (like the Jackson's have) and are using the right string gauge for drop tunings (10-52 or thicker) you should be okay.

how low do you want to go?
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No lower than drop c and honestly I don't know that I'd drop tune it much at all since I have two others with fixed bridges. Would just like to have the option I guess and was checking how viable it was.

What would be involved in setting it up correctly? I've tuned a floyd before but are we talking action and intonation here?