so i somehow manage to have bad luck with strings lately.... ive broken my high e just about every month with mild to moderate playing. i play with 10s and am usually am in drop c# most of the time and go to standard maybe once a week. i am a die hard slinky's fan and this is my first set of trying their new titanium coated strings. they lasted a little longer than usual i guess but i still feel like they dont last very long.

so my question is, how long should i expect my strings to last before they start breaking and is there anything else i should try? i love my slinky's and have switched over from dr's for about a year and a half maybe
I use slinkies and i go 3 months or until 1 breaks. Whichever comes first.
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You should check the edges around the bridge and the nut. There is no reason why you should be breaking strings that much, no matter what brand you use.

As for a specific brand, try them all and see which ones you like the sound/feel of.

Being a die hard Ernie Ball user, I recently switched to D'Addarrio because the last few sets of EB I have used have not been up to standards IMO.
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theyve all been breaking at the nut but i dont see anything that would cause it to happen. it broke about a half hour ago and all i was doing was a very light bend and snap. i have never had that happen to me before with 10's in drop c...
Try D'addario or Ernie Ball. 2 best in my opinion. Don't cheap out when it comes to strings or care products. Always lube your nut with graphite or something, as well as your bridge. Make sure you don't have any sharp points causing breaks. You shouldn't be breaking strings they should just be wearing out.
I agree with stoney and theabsentone. You shouldn't be breaking strings that much. I play with D'Addario's 9-46's and the sets on both my PRS and RG have been on for a couple of months. I play everything from Metallica to VAI. So heavy bending and riffing is in there. I would definitely ck the nut if that is where they are breaking. What kind of nut is it?
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its a schecter c1 hellraiser. and let me rephrase where they r breaking after looking at it a little more carefully: the string is breaking up at the tuner rather than the nut
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its a schecter c1 hellraiser. and let me rephrase where they r breaking after looking at it a little more carefully: the string is breaking up at the tuner rather than the nut

You've got burrs at the tuner hole where you send your string through. A light file down with a fine grade file or sandpaper should solve it.
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Yea Ive been playing off an on for 14 years and Ive broken maybe 2 strings, its not the brand of strings, like rk said you have burrs.
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There is a problem with your guitar, maybe the nut. I have NEVER, EVER broke a string (not even the high E) in 5 years of playing.
Thats not normal, i know there hardly ddadario but they should last.
Check your guitar an pick, playing style ect. Hav they all snapped the same way/same place?
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